The Great Outdoors Meets the World Wide Web

We design websites to look great on all modern devices, including phones, tablets, and laptop and PC screens up to 30 inches. Our site designs are SEO-optimized, friendly with all major browsers, and built to deliver your message without any distractions.

We work quickly, professionally, and don’t require any advanced technical skills of our clients. A few folks still occasionally mail us their harvest photos to be scanned and added to their websites. If it works for you, then it works for us.

We maintain all client data under heavy encryption and do not sell or share information with anyone but its owner.

Fast, Mobile-Ready Sites

Most visitors today use a mobile device to visit websites, so we design sites that look great and give visitors easy access to information across all devices.

Custom, Premium Designs

We hand craft each site for ideal viewing and maximum speed across devices, leveraging industry-leading software to combine art and technology.

Hands-Free Updates

Send us new photos or content updates and we’ll put them online for you. No logins to remember, software to learn, or out-of-date websites.

Search Engine Optimized

Standards-compliant design helps ensure that your site carves out the place you deserve at the top of search engine rankings.

Hosting and Maintenance

We bundle ultra-fast hosting and weekly software updates for all sites, managed on custom-built Linux servers hosted in Dallas, TX.

Backups and Security

All hosted sites are backed up daily and retained for 6 months, protecting against loss of data and minimizing downtime.

Q: How long does it take to build a website for my outfit?

A: Sometimes as quickly as 24 hours. Sometimes we get our hands on a lot of really great pictures and information and can put together a whole website in just a day or two. It’s also not uncommon to launch a site with a few pictures and critical data, and for new features to come online every few days thereafter until it’s finished. The “average” build time we shoot for, once we’ve received 10+ pictures and a couple of paragraphs about your operation, is 3-10 days.

Q: Who owns my website if you build it for me?

A: You own 100% of all delivered and paid-for work. If you ever want to take your website and leave, just let us know and we’ll send you a digital copy of your website, database, and any technical notes. Additionally, before we ever use your website for marketing/portfolio purposes, we’ll get your permission because you own it.

Q: Do you put your name or logo on my website?

We do not put our name, logo, brand, or any other distraction on your website.

Q: Do I have to host my website with you?

A: Not in all cases. In some cases we might need to negotiate a year or two of hosting in order to be able to offer a low-cost website design/launch, but if you’d like to host a website we design yourself, or to have us set it up on your hosting, just say the word.

Q: Why would I host my website with you?

A: Jesse has been building and managing web servers professionally since 1996 and is a master Linux administrator and scripter. TrophySites hosting includes built-in, home-written features that normally make hosting cost significantly more on account of needing to be purchased from external vendors. Everything from backups and updates to monitoring your site for language changes to detect hacks (they do happen) within seconds is automated and runs 24 hours a day. This automation runs from multiple points around the country (because natural disasters happen), and is always being improved.

Simply put, we run really fast servers really cheaply because we build them ourselves, so can offer a heck of a lot of value.

Q: Can I have harvest/kill photos on my website?

A: Absolutely. We know you and your visitors don’t scare at the sight of blood, and neither do we.

Q: Do you offer Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/other integration or services?

A: Yes, and we approach it from a unique standpoint. While it’s a great marketing platform and offers unbeatable value for the return, most social media is also a source of data mining and monitoring. We do absolutely offer Facebook and other integration, and we can maintain a Facebook or any other social media account on your behalf. Moreover, we can do so in a way that keeps the data mining to a minimum, and ensures that your personal data is always protected.

Q: Do you have a portfolio?

A: Yes, please request a live portfolio via telephone, text, email, or our contact form.