About Jesse

My name is Jesse Worley. I’m an IT professional with more than 20 years experience managing billion-dollar datacenters, designing server architecture for Fortune-500 companies, running high-end webservers, securing networks, building websites, and much more.

I grew up hunting all over central and south Texas, and fishing the ponds and lakes and the Gulf of Mexico with my family, who raised me to appreciate the outdoors. I’ve hunted to keep my freezer stocked most of my life and for sport when opportunity has allowed. I’m an amateur historian and enjoy shooting interesting and novel old firearms, am a classically-trained pianist, and am a lifetime, die-hard Texas Rangers fan.

After a couple of decades in the corporate trenches, during which I became an expert in UNIX/Linux, SQL, shell and perl scripting, NetSec, and much more, I left the life of consultancy stretches in cubicles across North Texas (and sometimes across North America) behind and started my own web design and server management company with my wife Becca.

Artist First

I’m a classically-trained pianist and composer, and occasionally write music professionally for video games. I’ve been an artist all my life, and bring the same creativity to web design as I do to writing symphonic overtures.

Full-stack geek

I’m more than just a designer. I’ve built datacenters professionally for 25 years, am a master Linux and DNS administrator, a solid coder, and have been supporting the technology I use today since it was born.


I concluded my corporate career as a NetSec expert, defending 25,000 servers for one of the largest companies on the planet from daily attacks. I bring that same expertise to protecting my own web servers.


My wife and I were high school sweethearts and have been together for most of our lives. She’s a director, actress, and educator, and runs the business side of TrophySites.


Beyond web sites and servers, I also tinker with basic electronics. I recently invented a radio frequency pet monitor and built my own home alarm system.

My Approach

I attempt to deliver big-budget, corporate-sized IT solutions to human-sized organizations at human-sized prices. I don’t cut corners, but I also don’t duplicate effort.


I’ve been hunting and fishing across Texas since childhood. I’ve spent many cold mornings in ground blinds watching whitetail, on choppy lakes watching the sun come up, and even bagged a couple of exotics along the way.
I’ve seen and field dressed it all, and would be proud to help put your trophies online. Give me a call or fill out the form and let’s get started.